Dividing Perennials Workshop with John Fromer

Do you grow perennials?  Maybe some special ones you would like to give to a friend or plant sale?  Or is your garden overgrown and you need to remove some plants? Dividing perennials is good for your garden, the perennials, and your wallet!  You don’t have to go to the store! Some perennials will spread […]

Worm Bin Setup Workshop with Jock Robie

  Learn to turn kitchen scraps into useful so  il amendments using red worms.  This free, hands on workshop includes all materials and training necessary. Limited to 10 people.  Registration required.  To register, please call Toni at 207-236-2239 or email info@merryspring.org.

Worm Bin Setup

Worm Bin setup with Jock Robie,  Please contact Jock to join.  Mainelywormbins@gmail.com