Gardens at Merryspring

The gardens at Merryspring have a classic style. Over the decades, many unusual plants have graced the gardens. Most of these plants were not available in nurseries and were grown from seed in the Aileen Lubin Greenhouse.

As years have gone by, the plantings have changed as the new gardeners bring their experiences and preferences.

The gardens at Merryspring are beautiful, well maintained, support pollinators, and inspire people with unique and interesting plantings.

Many serious gardeners come to Merryspring to study the gardens. Some unique varieties are not commonly available in the trade. The Maine State Daylily Society bed contains many varieties of daylilies bread by its members and not commercially available.

About a dozen of our Tuesday Talks focus on the perennial, herb, and new Native Shrub Border and Pollinator Gardens.

Ring Garden

This large, beautiful, semi-circular planting has evolved from an annual garden into a mixed border.  Featured plants include Merryspring’s yellow tree peony and herbaceous peonies, and several species of alliums and sedums.

Herb Garden

The Herb Garden includes culinary, medicinal and herbs for dyeing fabric. Like other gardens, it has evolved over time and has become a great attraction.

New Native Shrub Border

This new, long border was planted in the fall of ’23 with native shrub species. The goal is to provide cover for many of the birds.

New Pollinator Garden

In existence for many years, the Pollinator Garden was taken over by invasive plants.  To rectify this, the entire bed was dug out with a backhoe and replaced with new soil.  Planted in annuals in ’24 to determine if the invasives are irradicated, the bed will be planted in perennials for pollinators in ’25.

Hosta Garden

The Hosta Garden, adjacent to the Ross Center also contains May apples with ferns and Hosta.  

Childrens Garden

This area has raised beds used for summer camp and three beds on tall legs for people from Coastal Opportunities organization to garden in.

Aileen Lubin Greenhouse

The greenhouse is used for raising seedlings, education, and plug transplants for our plant sale. It is also used to teach children about seed starting.

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