Educational Outreach

Outdoor Learning for students at Merryspring & in the classroom.

With gardens, hiking trails, varied habitats, and indoor and outdoor teaching space, Merryspring provides the perfect location for learning and discovery.

If your class can not come to Merryspring, we will come to you!  Serving the Midcoast from Waldoboro to Searsport and inland from Union to Searsmont, Merryspring can provide education in your classroom or outdoor facilities.

We work individually with teachers to develop field trip programs based on their needs and classroom curriculum.

Popular topics include birding, insects and pollinators, the water cycle and weather, vernal pools and amphibians, native plant and tree identification, gardening, astronomy and general nature walks.

For complete details, please email John Fromer, Program Director at or call 207-975-6995.

School programs at Merryspring

About each program

Merryspring offers Nature based educational programs for schools at Merryspring and in their classrooms year-round. This link, educational programs at Merryspring, provides information on each program. Programs are customizable for any age group or amount of time or detail.  Outreach to schools is free with donations  gratefully accepted.

Maine Mammals: “Moose to Mice”

A popular school program is “Maine Mammals: Moose to Mice,” a PowerPoint presentation. Here is a link to  the Large Mammal slide show where the biology of an animal is talked about for about 40 minutes.

Merryspring has many skins, real bones and several plastic skull reproductions people can examine.  When combined with going outside and looking for animal tracks, it makes for a nice program.

The Mammal programs are presented at Merryspring or
off-site locations with a projector and screen.

Educational Nature Programs at Merryspring Nature Center

For students and adults

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Outreach Overview

All about Birds


Bug Safari Program


All about Vernal Pool Program

Vernal Pool

All about weather


All about Astronomy


All about pollination


Beech Tree Disease Project

Beech Tree Disease

All out seeds and horticulture


Tree Age Program

Tree ID

Phenology Program Description


Soil Science

Soil Science



Invasive Species

Invasive Species

Skins and Skulls

Skins & Skulls

Tree Age Program

Tree Age & History

Service Projects

Service Projects

Trail Hikes

Trail Hikes

Massive Maine Mammals

Medium Maine Mammals

Modest Maine Mammals

Mammal programs are a slideshow with skins & skulls and outdoor animal tracking. At Merryspring Nature Center, your school or organization. Your donations are welcomed.

Merryspring often visits schools, museums, and other non-profit groups for indoor and outdoor presentations. Popular programs include wildlife identification with skins and skulls, outdoor nature walks, owl pellets, and winter tracking.

Merryspring Nature Center is located at 30 Conway Road in Camden, behind Hannaford Shopping Plaza. All bookings are handled on an individual basis. Field trips and classroom outreach are always free, though donations are welcome. Bus parking is available. Please note that multiple chaperones may be required for large groups.

For complete details, please email John Fromer, Program Director

at or call 207-975-6995.