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Weddings at Merryspring

A garden setting, a living symbol of renewal, is a lovely way to reflect the joy and beauty of your special day. Merryspring’s stunning gardens offer an outdoor hexagon, perfect for small ceremonies, and event lawn encircled by flower beds filled with spectacular color June through September.

Nearby, a field provides convenient parking for guests.  Adjacent to the gardens, a small conference room with a deck overlooking the gardens can accommodate up to 30 people.

If you have questions or more information, please contact the Merryspring office at or 207-236-2239.

If you have questions or more information, please contact the Merryspring office at or 207-236-2239.

If you are looking for more information about the Camden Area we encourage you to contact the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Reservation Agreement

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Weddings, receptions, reunions, large parties/events, tents recommended.

Number of People All Day / 12 Hours Security Deposit
Up to 99 people $800 $250
100 – 149 people $1,000 $250
150 – 200 people $1,200 $250


Wedding ceremonies, memorial services, parties not requiring a tent. May include food prep & consumption, games, decorations, activities.

Number of People 2 Hours (minimum) Additional Hours Security Deposit
Up to 25 $200 $100 $250
Up to 50 $300 $100 $250
Up to 99 $400 $100 $250
Up to 200 $500 $100 $250


Access to kitchen and bathroom.

Number of People 2 Hours (minimum) Additional Hours
Up to 30 People $100 $50


Games, decorations, activities allowed. No access to Ross Center. Portable toilet on site May – October.

Number of People 2 Hours (minimum) Additional Hours
Up to 30 $100 $25


Security deposit – all but a $50 processing fee will be refunded if terms of agreement are followed and key is returned, or if reservation is cancelled at least 90 days in advance of the reservation date.

1. Merryspring is a privately owned nature park and educational center. Its gardens are tended regularly for the public to enjoy. Please remind your guests to stay out of the flower beds and to not pick any of the plants.

2. Events may be booked for a minimum of two hours up to a maximum of 12 hours. Additional times for set-up and clean-up are specified in numbers 12-21.

3. Reservations include the Ross Center’s conference room (20’ x 22’ with maximum capacity of 30 people), bathroom and small kitchen; the grounds; and the hexagon (22’ diameter with seating for about 30 people). Six rectangular tables (6’ x 2.5’) and about 40 plastic stacking chairs are available for use, but if removed from the building, must be returned by the end of the event. Trash barrels may be made available for use upon request. The main office and entire lower level of the Ross Center (basement and office area) and their contents are off limits.

4. A certificate of insured liability is required (Limit of Liability amount should be $1,000,000). Generally a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE is available from your insurance agent and should state that coverage applies to Merryspring, Inc. on the day of your event. The policy owner should be the same person(s) as the signer of the application. If you prefer, you can buy a special one-day policy online at for example.

5. Alcohol shall only be served by a licensed and insured bartender, proof of insurance required. If licensed bartender is not hired, guest is required to provide proof of Event Liability insurance which includes Host Liquor Liability, listing Merryspring Inc as Additional Insured.

6. Power outlets are located on the hexagon exterior, greenhouse exterior and Ross Center interior and exterior.

7. Outside water faucets are located on the Ross Center and greenhouse for caterers to use for cleanup. Please remember to turn faucets off when finished.

8. There are 32 parking spaces. Overflow parking is available in mown area next to access road. Parking and driving of automobiles shall be in designated areas only; car-pooling is strongly recommended.

9. Portable toilets are required for 50 or more people. No toilets can be connected to the water system.

10. Tents no larger than 40’ x 80’ are recommended for more than 50 people.

11. Caterer’s tent must be no larger than 20’ x 20’ and must be in the area between the greenhouse and rose garden.

12. The delivery and setup of tents, portable toilets, chairs, tables, flowers, decorations, gas grills, and other items must be after 9 a.m. the day before the scheduled event. If earlier set-up is needed (and permitted) the cost is $500 per day.

13. Propane tanks may only be set up on the day of the event and may not be left at Merryspring overnight. If they are left overnight, $100 will be deducted from your security deposit or billed to you.

14. Complete clean-up of the grounds, as well as inside the Ross Center, tent, and hexagon, must be finished no later than noon on the morning following the event or $100 will be deducted from your security deposit or billed to you.

15. Portable dance floors must be taken up off the grass no later than noon on the morning following the event or $100 will be deducted from your security deposit or billed to you.

16. Tents and/or portable toilets must be removed by noon on the following Monday. For each day they are on the premises after the specified time, $100 will be deducted from your security deposit or billed to you.

17. Greenhouse interior is off-limits to lessee, caterers, and guests.

18. Caterers must not kill the grass or leave grease and/or oil of any kind anywhere in the park. If caterers or anyone at the event uses something belonging to Merryspring, they must clean it and put it back where it was found. Caterers must remove all of their trash.

Note: Consider withholding final payment from caterers until you are sure they have followed the above requests as your security deposit will not be refunded if the Park is not left as it was found.

19. NO open fires, sparklers or fireworks of any kind are allowed in the park, with the exception of gas grills used by licensed caterers. No grills are allowed inside garden circle. Charcoal grills are prohibited.

20. Helium-filled balloons are prohibited.

21. A key to all exterior doors of the Ross Center building may be issued up to four days in advance as long as the account is paid in full, and proof of insurance has been received.

22. Lessee shall leave the Park in the same condition it was found, shall remove all refuse, shall make sure all exterior doors and windows are closed and locked, and all lights are turned off.

23. The lessee agrees to indemnify and save harmless MERRYSPRING NATURE CENTER, its agents, employees and volunteers from any and all claims of whatever nature arising from any accident, injury, or damage whatsoever, caused to any person or to the property of any person occurring during the terms of the lease. This agreement shall include indemnity in connection with any such claims or proceedings brought thereon and the defense thereof.

24. Merryspring is not responsible for destruction, damage or loss of personal property of any kind, including but not limited to property of the Lessee, Lessee’s guests, employed personnel or caterers left on the premises.

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